Quake Park
Welcome to the Official Quake Park website

Welcome to the Official Quake Park website.

The swf that started it all. The original Quake Park lineup in order of appearance included Sonic Reducer, Shaka Zulu, Hookaman as Glennie, and Johnny Leche. Macromedia's Flash 3 had just been released and I was using it to create animated shorts like Amazing Barry. The DOH! Network facilities were the host for several small LANs that Sonic Reducer and Shaka Zulu attend during which much Quake and Quake II was played and there was much bagging on each other. The QuakePark movie was a way to bag on Sonic Reducer on a global stage. Hookaman was more of a Nascar/Command and Conquer player and had pretty much disappeared from the scene before this but I needed a fourth character for the video so he was included in the cast.
Sonic Reducer, Shaka Zulu, and Johnny Leche were reunited in 1999 for the follow up to Quake Park that finds the crew in the game. The plan was to have monthly releases but project Baby Leche began and Quake Park was discontinued.
The jokes in this comic were that Grumpy Girl had mentioned previously that Subotai looked like Frankie Muniz and unrelated for some reason Grapple was a cheese puff.
I think Shaka was working several jobs at the time but ribbing me because I wan't making enough Quake Park comics.
egrep loaned the original server to me when the DOH! Network originally launched. He had some of his own web content on it and one night it stopped responding. It wasn't the middle of the night when he called but I beleive I was in bed already.
egrep got Shaka into running a server on the Linux operating system and Shaka really got into it for a bit.
Shaka reads all the manuals for everything.
egrep really likes Linux. Somehow he could twist any conversation back to something about Linux.
Crypt launched a website but didn't do much with it after it launched.